Air Quality in SchoolsToo much noise created by IAQ suppliers… Smart Air Defense likes to keep things simple with the Smart Air Defense Test Pilot.

We know what our technology is capable of, and we are willing to leave its performance in the hands of an independent engineer for onsite validation. It’s called integrity. Its what every K12 school should be asking to make sure they are doing the right thing for the children first, the teachers second, and let’s not forget about the tax payers.

Years from now, we will find out about how much money was wasted on technology that was marginal at creating better IAQ – at best. No one needs to go on a “witch hunt” because that never accomplishes anything. Let’s move forward using the best approach available – validate the technology works using a test pilot before you make any real decisions.  #OnsiteValidation #IndependentTesting #SmartAirDefense #SmartIAQ #AtmosAir #SmartAirDefenseTestPilot #SmartSensors #school #technology #teachers #engineer

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