Does your school have a BRP?

Lack of Transparency Regarding Schools and IAQWith the upcoming ASHRAE Standard 241P Control of Infectious Aerosols, many states will require thorough “Building Readiness Plans” (BRP) – that is, a document that documents the engineering and non-engineering controls that the facility systems will use for the facility to achieve its goals.

This goes beyond HVAC PM and/or quarantine rules.

This document incorporates upgrades and strategies schools are currently using, or want to use, to prevent future endemic, pandemic, or spreads of any aggressive virus or bacteria sicknesses that can spread.

The purpose of this BRP document is not to check a box and put it on a shelf. The purpose is to have a document that is and will continue to strive to create a safer IAQ that could greatly reduce the risk of any future airborne pathogen and hopefully prevent or minimize the shutting down of schools if something were to happen. #school #engineering #future #hvac #building #schools #BetterIAQ #SmartAirDefense #SmartAir #AtmosAir #Atmocube #ForOurChildren