Smart Air Defense

We recognize the importance of putting systems in place using forward thinking technology and strategies. Smart Air Defense recognizes the fact that we may feel like we are past the “pandemic” but should continue to prepare ourselves for an inevitable future pandemic and while we do this – we are making our indoor air safer and healthier which will only make us live healthier and more productive lives today.

The foundation for a better IAQ using a multi-layered approach is to use independent onsite testing to validate the performance and safety of the technology you are interested in – something you can achieve using the Smart Air Defense Test Pilot.

The Smart Air Defense Test Pilot Package (takes approximately 3 days)

  1. You choose the rooms (i.e. classrooms, cafeteria, office, etc).
  2. An independent engineer tests the air for ion levels, particle counts, VOC, formaldehyde and ozone levels (the technology is already UL2998 ozone free but we like to have it tested anyway to make people feel extra safe.)
  3. We install the best ionization technology based on the HVAC system feeding those rooms.
  4. The independent engineer re-tests the air with AtmosAir’s ionization operating using the same metrics (ion levels, particle counts, VOC, formaldehyde, and ozone levels).
  5. An engineer’s report is then created validating the performance and safety of the technology.
  6. This report allows you to make a better decision regarding your IAQ.

For more information on the Smart Air Defense Test Pilot and the AtmosAir technology, please click here