In July 2023, ASHRAE published Standard 241 Control of Infectious Aerosols, the first ever consensus-based, code-enforceable airborne infection risk mitigation standard, including requirements for:

  • An infection risk management mode (IRMM) to be applied during periods of elevated risk of disease transmission
  • Equivalent clean airflow rate, the flow rate of pathogen free airflow into occupied areas of a building that would have the same effect as the total of outdoor air, filtration of indoor air, and air disinfection by technologies such as germicidal ultraviolet light
  • Use of filtration and air cleaning to achieve equivalent clean airflow requirements efficiently and cost effectively
  • Development of a building readiness plan and procedures for commissioning systems to determine their installed performance

Featuring three key members of the Standard 241 Planning Committee, this webinar provides a deep dive into equivalent clean airflow rate including:

  • Defining this foundational concept of Standard 241
  • Detailing how equivalent clean airflow rate factors into Standard 241’s planning and commissioning requirements
  • Describing the practical application of equivalent clean airflow rate requirements in non-healthcare and healthcare settings

The webinar is valuable for building owners and service providers, particularly consulting engineers, commissioning agents, TAB professionals, and industrial hygienists, seeking to better understand and prepare for implementation of Standard 241.

The 60-min educational webinar is led by Erik Malmstrom, CEO, SafeTraces, and features Dr. Bill Bahnfleth, PE, Chair, ASHRAE Standard 241 Project Committee, as well as Wade Conlan, PE, CxA, Commissioning Discipline Manager, Hanson Professional Services, and Phil Arnold, VP of Engineering, SafeTraces, both Standard 241 Project Committee members.

ASHRAE Standard 241, Control of Infectious Aerosols