Green Cleaning and Infection Control Specialist

Heidi is a national green cleaning and infection control process and protocol specialist in different types of facilities. Currently her work focus is on the Jan San industry, especially technology and pathogen mitigation including Covid.

She has been the national expert and evangelist for least toxic, superior efficacy products and equipment such as onsite generation of aqueous ozone and hypochlorous acid and electrostatic spraying for infection mitigation for over two decades.

She works with the best vendors, manufactures and national experts in these areas. Her expertise is helping end-users streamline their process, connect with vendors and manufacturers who will be partners as well as bring innovative products and equipment to facilities. Her passion is to ensure health and safety for workers, clients and customers as well as the environment.

She helps startups work on proof of concept pilots and write case studies to help with sector adoption. Training, infield testing and working as a liaison between end-users and manufacturers / vendors and contractors is also a specialty of hers to bring the industry and its end users solutions it can trust. Being an end user advocate and vetting new technology and setting up cutting edge systems to save time, money and to raise the level of work done in the same or less time is what Heidi delivers.

She has collaborated with IEHA, ISSA and Healthy Schools Campaign and the National School Plant Managers Association and many more organizations and companies as a speaker, expert resource, trainer and scientific connection for years. She worked at the TURI lab and as the MA and NE technical advisor on green cleaning, infection control and implementing green cleaning and infection mitigation systems working with end users and manufactures as well as state agencies for over 15 years. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Microbiology from UMass Amherst and a Master of Science in Environmental Studies and Atmospheric Studies from UMass Lowell. Her doctoral work has been on her large body of work in public health, especially in K – 12 schools and is currently concentrating on less toxic disinfection to help with Covid.

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