$59 Million is being funded through NYSERDA to help fund clean green initiatives. These funds can be used to improve IAQ! Since Clean Green Schools Initiative is funded by NYSERDA, it does not involve SED. It does not require SED approval.

Green ClassroomFor those of you who expressed an interested in having AtmosAir’s DBD bipolar ionization (BPI) installed in your schools, this is your opportunity!

This is the same technology that is currently installed throughout the City School District of New Rochelle where we brought in a 3rd party engineer, Guth DeConzo Engineering, to quantify the safety and performance of the technology.

In short, AtmosAir qualifies for this NYSERDA initiative, and our projects meet and exceed requirements:

  • 3rd Party engineer, Guth DeConzo Engineering, does before and after IAQ assessment of our equipment, so you will get a report showing data as we did at CSDNR (Recall Guth DeConzo has already been recently contracted by NYSERDA to help develop IAQ guidelines for SUNY schools.)
  • Both our AtmosAware wall mounted sensors and AtmosSmart duct mounted sensors provide IAQ data that can be monitored 24/7 via a dashboard (CO2, VOCs, Particulates, Temp, Humidity, and AtmosSmart adds CO, Formaldehyde and Ozone sensing)
  • AtmosAir DBD BPI meets UL2998 ozone free, ASHRAE 62.1 IAQ Procedure (for potential energy savings)

The funding is limited to schools NYSERDA deems high needs.

If you are interested in receiving more information and would like to know if your school is eligible, please email info@pandemicsolutions.net.