Disinfect Nursing Homes

Nursing Home Care“Our nursing home providers are facing the worst financial crisis in the history of the industry due to increased costs related to COVID (testing, personal protective equipment, staffing) and chronic Medicaid underfunding,” said Mark Parkinson, president, and CEO of the association, in a statement.

The survey of 953 nursing homes found that 66% won’t make it another year at the current operating pace. Right now, 65% are operating at a loss or negative margin and 25% are operating at a margin of zero to 3%.

The biggest drain on nursing home finances has been staffing. Nine out of 10 of the nursing homes surveyed had to get additional staff or pay overtime.

Another 58% said that additional staff costs were their top cost incurred due to COVID-19 and another 70% had to hire additional staff.”

Robert King, Fierce Healthcare, December 17, 2020

You can’t change the past. What you can do is change now, change tomorrow, the next day, the next month and the rest of your life. -Billy Cox

It is clear there were major errors made early on in with the pandemic at nursing homes in NY especially but to a lesser but still important degree, across the USA.


Now that we know what we know, what can we do to reduce the risk of transmission of Sars-Cov-2 and any other virus inside a nursing home?

Pandemic Solutions Safety Triad™ is the safest most cost-effective way for nursing homes to move forward. Here are the details:

The Safety Triad™

  • Use Pandemic Solutions high volume sprayers to spray the botanical disinfectants and antimicrobials that are both safe to spray and have the highest efficacy for killing the virus
  • Use our patented AtmosAir Technology: Advanced dielectric barrier discharge bi-polar ionization technology in the air supply to actively scrub the air clean
  • Don’t just let anyone into the nursing home. Make sure you screen people walking into the nursing home properly by using our patented bio-scanning SymptomSense Kiosk that check for more than just temperature


High volume sprayers: The VSE Magnum handheld unit sprays a mist 3-5 feet long covering 2X more than any sprayer in its class. It comes with two batteries and a charger. The batteries last 35 minutes “on paper” but we’ve seen them last close to one hour. The VSE Magnum comes with a 37oz reservoir that will cover a few thousand feet. Spray tables, bars, chairs, bathrooms, doorknobs, etc. Light-weight and durable, its perfect for restaurant usage.

What are we spraying out of this high-volume equipment? First we start with one of the most earth-friendly botanical disinfectants on the market – Benefect Decon 30. The product is safe enough to spray without personal protection equipment. Second, after cleaning and disinfecting, we recommend adding a 100% organic anti-microbial, SD 90, to non-porous surfaces that can last up to 90 days. This will help reduce the labor and hard cost of disinfecting daily. We still recommend disinfecting high touch areas frequently.


Airborne VirusDBD Bipolar Ionization technology: Ionic technology has been around for a while. The theory of scrubbing the air clean using ions is not new. Ions actively seek bacteria and virus and essentially render them inactive through a natural process that pierces the shell of the bacteria or virus and changes its ability to produce. The biggest difference with our patented technology is the delivery system that is designed to bringing millions of healthy ions into an indoor air environment is more effective than any other ionic or bi-polar ion (BPI) technology. For example, a popular BPI currently being used by Siemens is Needlepoint BPI. Needlepoint emits ions that last 10-20 seconds barely making it out of the duct work it is installed in. Our advanced DGD BPI has ions that last 300 seconds. Sending millions of ions that last 300 seconds into an indoor air environment is a game changer.


Multi-layered Screening Evaluation Gateway (SEG): We have a patented bio-screening kiosk. Our unit, the SymptomSense Kiosk, checks for body temperature, oxygen level, and respiratory rate – at hospital-grade accuracy. According to General PK Carlton, Jr., MD, FACS – Former Surgeon General USAF, Ret., temperature only checks leave up to an 88% chance of missing a COVID19 infected person. This multi-level screening process offers up to 99% accuracy of differentiating an individual who is sick from someone who is not.

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