Disinfect Arenas & Venues

You cannot sustain this league with no fans. You can do it for a year. We’ll all get by for a year. But suppose we’re in this situation next year. Now we’re talking some serious, serious financial damage to a lot of people.

~ Joe Lacob, Owner of Golden State Warriors, Nov 13, 2020.

If you are running a sports arena there are many challenges in our new COVID19 world. Fortunately, we have solutions.


Surface Disinfecting

Surface Disinfecting
Pandemic Solutions high volume sprayers and surface disinfecting

Air Purifying

Air Purify
Bipolar Ionization technology in the air supply

People Screening

Bio-scanning Screening Evaluation Gateway (SEG)
Bio-scanning Screening Evaluation Gateway (SEG)

High volume sprayers

The CK Storm unit sprays a mist 50 feet long and 30 feet wide covering 10,000 square feet in one minute. Our CK Commercial unit sprays 12-15 feet long and 8 feet wide covering 3,000 square feet in one minute. It also has a hose that can go up to 75’ so that the unit can be rolled through the corridors and the applicators can get to each section of the mid and upper parts of the arenas.

Bipolar Ionization technology

When you are on a mountain top and breathe in the fresh air, you are breathing in the fresh air because nature produces millions of positive and negative ions that scrub the air clean by clinging onto and inactivating harmful VOCs, bacteria and – viruses! When you are in a city, pollution decreases the number of ions. When you are indoors in a city, you have an even lower level of ions – which allows viruses to travel freely. Our patented AtmosAir equipment produces bipolar (negative and positive) ions in the supply side of ductwork and sending millions of healthy ions into the indoor air we breathe scrubbing it clean. It’s the only active technology that seeks and inactivates the coronavirus as infected people are breathing it out!

Multi-layered Screening Evaluation Gateway (SEG)

In a study by Clinical Microbiology and Infection, patients with COVID-19 were screened. These patients had a variety of symptoms. Of these screenings, only 11% of patients were found to have a fever (>37.5 degrees celsius) 12. So implementing temperature-check only screenings could miss over 88% of cases.

Similar to units deployed at airport security checkpoints, our SymptomSense SEG scans for temperature, oxygen level, respiratory rate and heart rate. It is capable of scanning a person and instantly letting the screener know if the individual is displaying symptoms or potentially sick/infected. A scan is non-invasive, non-contact, and only takes 5 seconds once the person is positioned and stable in the device.

Health and safety is our utmost priority. PandemicSolutions.net’s equipment and disinfecting spray is an important part of the comprehensive program we have launched to safely welcome back fans and guests to the Golden 1 Center.

~ Alex Rodrigo, Sacramento Kings Senior Vice President

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