About Us

Pandemic Solutions LLC supplies facilities with best-in-class solutions to disinfect surfaces using the safest most cost-effective EPA registered solutions; we utilize patented bi-polar ionization manufactured by AtmosAir that effectively reduces the coronavirus by 99.92% in 30 minutes, and we supply a patented bio-screening technology that screens for blood oxygen in addition to temperature and heart rate.

Pandemic Solutions Disinfecting EquipmentOur surface disinfecting technology includes two solutions: Benefect Decon 30, a 100% botanical disinfectant on the EPA List N. Benefect has been around for over 30 years.  Benefect also has botanical biodegradable wipes that utilize the same disinfecting solution. Our second solutions is an HOCL product that is going to be a game changer. HOCL or Hypochlorous Acid, is the safest EPA registered disinfectant that has been around for over 60 years, however, up until now, the product remained unstable because of its shelf life. It has been promoted using a generator on the premises because of its unstable nature when it comes to water with the generators basically regulating the water to make it effective.  The generators don’t make this solution cost effective, but we a solution – CleanSmart.  CleanSmart is a ready-to-use HOCL that comes in 1 gallon containers and has a shelf life of 24 months all while remaining stable and effective against Sars-Cov2 and many other bacteria and viruses. It’s a game changer for sure.

Our air purifying technology is a bi-polar ionization (BPI) technology manufactured by AtmosAir. Ions are natures way of scrubbing the air clean of bacteria and viruses. In high mountain regions and near waterfalls ion levels are very high. When you reach denser populated areas, the atmosphere produces less ions and when you move indoors, ions level drop even lower allowing bacteria and viruses to float freely.  AtmosAir’s technology replenishes the indoor air with healthy ions creating the best IAQ possible. AtmosAir is currently an approved vendor for all of the Hilton Hotels among other prominent clients like Johns Hopkins Hospital, NYU Langone Medical, Northwestern University, and most recently Virgin Voyages – Virgin Atlantic’s newest cruise line (just to name a few).

This technology is not to be confused with the less effective corona discharge or needlepoint bi-polar ionization technologies.  AtmosAir’s technology has more 3rd party testing that any ionization technology on the market. The company started out as an IAQ testing company and in 2008 patented its first BPI technology. It is engineered with a patented dielectric barrier discharge technology that allows it to emit millions of healthy ions without impacting ozone levels – something no other BPI has been able to do successfully.

When it comes to bio-screening to prevent people from entering a facility, there hasn’t been any real answers. At best, we have seen some temperature only solutions. According to the Former US Surgeon General, General PK Carlton Jr., checking for temperature only leaves up to an 88% chance of missing someone that may be asymptomatic.  Recognizing this void, Pandemic Solutions’ SymptomSense Kiosk screens for temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen levels – a key indicator with Covid infected people. Adding to the Kiosk, the company has created a new “Safe Pass App” that can be downloaded prior to arriving at a facility. This app will check for vitals beforehand so that people entering the facility can come to the location with confidence, and everyone in the facility can appreciate that a higher level of safety measures are being utilized.

Make no mistake – we didn’t get to where we are by chance. All of the technologies that Pandemic Solutions brings have been vetted by a very strong Advisory Board that includes executives from the healthcare industry, infection control specialists, microbiologists and HVAC engineers.

In summary, Pandemic Solutions’ recognizes the devastating effects this pandemic has had on the many industries and schools, and, in response, we have put together the most cost effective solutions that have the highest level of efficacy available so that we can elevate the safety of all facilities during this pandemic and any future pandemic. People want to feel safe again and we have the solutions. We have developed the safest, most comprehensive approach to opening up facilities. Our Safety Triad system covers surface disinfection, active air purifying, and gateway people screening.

The Safety Triad